Dear Future Patient! Hun

My name is  Dr  KERTÉSZ  Mária  M.D.

I am a medical acupuncturist

I graduated as an internist from the Semmmelweis Medical University in Budapest, and practiced medicine in hospitals and outpatient clinics for over 20 years. 16 years ago, I changed my speciality to alternative-complementary medicine.  I finished my acupuncture training and graduated from the Medical University in Budapest.  In addition, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine for 3 years with visiting professors from the Harbin University in China and earned a degree in the discipline. I also studied other complementary fields including homeopathy, energy medicine and weight loss, healing, and prevention diets. 

In 1993 I opened my own private acupuncturist practice  in Lukács health resort and hospital. Since 2002 I continue my work in Rózsadomb Shopping and Wellness Center.  My practice is located in a beautiful district of Budapest wich also includes a fitness club, thai massage, yoga, squash, and a healh food store and modern dental clinic.

I follow the tradional needle acupuncture  with single-use, sterile hair-thin needles as well as the more modern  laser  acupuncture, both combined with homeopathic medicines and dietary recommendations.

Very sucsessful  results  in my practice include:

-weight reduction  eating disorders
-arthritis,  rheuma, back pain, sciatica fibromyalgia ,frozen  shoulder
- facial pain,  trigeminus neuralgia, headache, stiff neck
-allergy, asthma, shortness of breath  
-,digestive problems , acid reflux, heartburn, constirpation
-skin problems  
-addictions, quitting smoking  
-cosmetic acupuncture, facial rejuvenation  
-stress-related problems, anxiety, panic attack depression, insomnia
-erectile dysfunction,  impotency pre-ejaculation
-menopause problems (woman or man) dysmenorrhoea
-hormon irregularities increase vitality and energy

You can reach me: +36-20-9225058